my dad's name is Charles , 

my mom's name is Linda and well you guessed it




Born and raised in South Minneapolis, Minnesota both my parents enriched my life with all mediums of art. I was involved in dance, theater, music and various art courses throughout my adolescents. 

My fondest memories are when my mom would take me to the rose garden near the lakes and we’d paint watercolors of the roses.

"Take Chances, Make Mistakes and Get Messy!"

- Ms Frizzle, Magic School Bus

As a creative I strive to keep challenging myself to

find fun creative ways to express ideas. I charge my creative battery through traveling, taking walks in neighborhoods that are waiting to be explored and coffee...always coffee. 

I love to work in a positive enriching environment that allows for independent projects and team collaboration. I value the opinions of those around me and welcome input on projects that help it successfully grow. I find communication, focus, and curiosity all important assets that I can contribute to a workplace.

I am Marie Kondo approved, if you hire me I will spark joy in your office. 

Recently have dabbled in story-telling check out my article Prince and The Revolution

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