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Art Direction: Brand Design
Heidi Elizabeth is a personal shopping and stylist based in New York City, dedicated to timeless fashion and long-term wardrobe satisfaction. With over four years of expertise, they offer professional organizing and personalized styling services that align with their client's unique lifestyles and fashion preferences.
These concepts offered a range of stylistic options, each aligning with Heidi Elizabeth's brand identity, enabling the selection of a logo that best represents the firm's commitment to elegant, personalized fashion.

Art Direction:
  • Clean and minimalist aesthetic

  • Sophistication and professionalism

  • Fun and creative design elements

  • Memorable and versatile logo

  • Personal shopping and styling firm

This final logo design captures the essence of Heidi Elizabeth, balancing elegance with a touch of whimsy. It is set to make a lasting impression in the personal shopping and styling industry, attracting clients who appreciate the perfect blend of sophistication and creativity.
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