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With extensive experience in visual merchandising, I have crafted captivating retail environments that drive customer engagement and boost sales. Combining creativity with strategic thinking, I curate product assortments, arrange displays, and incorporate visually stimulating elements to create immersive shopping experiences. Collaborating with cross-functional teams, I align visual strategies with brand objectives to deliver exceptional results. I am passionate about creating visually compelling and commercially successful retail spaces that leave a lasting impact on customers.
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US Visual Merchandising | Event Signage | Campaign Launches | Holiday Merchandising 

Collaboration with Marketing, Digital, Copywriters, and Printers.

Redken, the top professional hair brand in the USA, was founded by Hollywood actress Paula Kent and her hairdresser. With a scientific approach to hair care, Redken revolutionized the industry.

During my time at L'Oreal, I focused on creating monthly visual merchandising campaigns and specialized in Color Campaign Launches for Redken. I also designed visual merchandising for prominent chains like JCPenny and Ulta. Additionally, I played a key role in designing signage for large-scale Redken events worldwide. The campaign launches I worked on was particularly rewarding, receiving acclaim from both the creative department and the marketing team.


US Visual Merchandising | Holiday Merchandising | Video Editing |

Production Designer | Marketing Signage

innisfree, the leading beauty brand in Korea, is spearheading the global K-Beauty movement with its innovative solutions for preserving youthful skin glow. At innisfree, the Korean beauty philosophy emphasizes prevention. During my time with the company, I played a crucial role in developing assets for their fast-paced holiday projects. Additionally, I was responsible for designing visually captivating merchandising displays in stores and subway stations, editing engaging video tutorials, and creating web assets.

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