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#1 Professional hair brand in the USA. Started by Hollywood actress Paula Kent and her hairdresser, Redken was one of the very first companies to take a scientific approach to hair and discover the formula that remains the alpha and omega of haircare to this very day: PROTEIN + MOISTURE + ACIDIC pH = HEALTHY HAIR. ​During my time at L'Oreal, I created monthly visual merchandising featuring various products and specialized in Color Campaign Launches. As well as creating visual merchandising for Chains like JCPenny, Ulta, and more. Our team also focused on designing signage for huge event spaces for Redken Events around the world. My favorite projects I worked on were campaign launches which were always well received by the heads of both the creative department and marketing.

US Visual Mercandising 

Event Signage

Campaign Launches

Holiday Merchandising

Collaboration with Marketing, Digital, Copywriters, and Printers.

Proofing Printed Material

Custom Printed Structures

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My favorite projects were Summer time Color Campaign Launches as the challenge often was to take assets and designs that were already established and utilize my skills to keep them fresh and exciting. Two campaigns, in particular, are City Beats and Color Gels Lacquers. 
Designed City Beats Die-Cut Encap Frames and a Color Chip Wall.
In Redken's 2018 Summer Color Launch, I worked with the digital team to recreate the look of a marble-like effect to use for Floor Decals and emphasize the re-brand of the Color Gels Lacquer packaging.