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With a diverse agency background, including experience at Black Heart, Mustache Agency, and ADin NYC, I bring a wealth of expertise in delivering creative solutions. From Black Heart's focus on innovative communication and design, to Mustache Agency's work with established brands in the entertainment industry, and ADin NYC's emphasis on sustainable living, I have honed my skills in diverse realms. My agency experience has equipped me with the ability to adapt to different client needs, collaborate effectively, and create impactful campaigns. I am ready to bring my versatile skillset and passion for creativity to any new project or challenge.


Art Direction | Social Campaigns | Book Campaigns | Web Design | Photography | Digital Design 

Illustration | Pitch Decks | Content Creation | Video Editing | Package Design

During my time at ADin NYC, I took charge of various creative projects for Naturepedic. One particular undertaking that stands out is the successful launch of the Breathe Safe Campaign. This initiative played a vital role in establishing Naturepedic as a prominent brand while enlightening expectant parents and families about the importance of selecting the right sleeping environment.



Branding | Web Design | Social 

Black Heart is a cooperative media agency that tackles social, commercial, and cultural issues with innovative communication and design solutions. Our diverse team brings together unique perspectives and experiences to deliver fresh and impactful projects. We prioritize ethical community building and embrace the value of humanity. Let's start a conversation and make a difference together.



Social Campaigns | Digital Design | Illustration  | Pitch Decks | Content Creation | Collaboration

Mustache is a Content focused Agency, based out of Brooklyn in New York City working with multiple established brands in the entertainment industry. ​Working with Mustache Agency is always a joy and have established a project-based relationship with them over the years. For this reason, every project is my favorite when working with Mustache. From creating pitch decks for campaign launches for clients to designing social assets, working with clients such as Netflix, Viacom, Quibi, Universal, and Amp (Amazon).

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