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Throughout my time at L'Oreal, in charge of developing monthly visual merchandising campaigns, highlighting a diverse range of products, and specializing in Color Campaign Launches. I also had the privilege of creating captivating visual displays for renowned retailers such as JCPenney, Ulta, and more. Additionally, our team played a pivotal role in designing impactful signage for large-scale Redken events across the globe. Among my most fulfilling experiences were the campaign launches, which consistently earned acclaim from both the creative department and marketing leaders. These projects allowed me to showcase my creative expertise and make a lasting impact within the organization.

US Visual Mercandising 

Event Signage

Campaign Launches

Holiday Merchandising

Collaboration with Marketing, Digital, Copywriters, and Printers.

Proofing Printed Material

Custom Printed Structures

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Among my favorite projects were the vibrant Summer Color Campaign Launches. These projects presented an exciting challenge of taking pre-existing assets and designs and infusing them with a fresh and captivating appeal. Two campaigns that stand out, in particular, are City Beats and Color Gels Lacquers. Through my skills and creativity, I was able to bring these campaigns to life, ensuring they remained dynamic and engaging.
I had the opportunity to design the City Beats Die-Cut Encap Frames and a Color Chip Wall. These projects allowed me to showcase my creativity and design skills in a unique way. The City Beats Die-Cut Encap Frames added a touch of excitement and playfulness to the campaign, while the Color Chip Wall became a visually striking focal point that showcased the vibrant range of colors available. It was a fulfilling experience to bring these design elements to life and contribute to the overall success of the project.

During Redken's 2018 Summer Color Launch, I collaborated closely with the digital team to achieve a stunning marble-like effect. Our goal was to create a visually captivating design that would be incorporated into Floor Decals, highlighting the re-brand of the Color Gels Lacquer packaging. It was a rewarding experience to contribute my expertise and bring this concept to life, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the campaign.

I took the responsibility of mock-ups for displays, incorporating merchandise and utilizing visual merchandising structures and assets. By carefully curating and arranging the products, I ensured that the displays captured attention and effectively showcased the brand's offerings. This process involved creating visually appealing arrangements that aligned with the brand's aesthetic and objectives, resulting in captivating displays that enticed customers and enhanced the overall shopping experience.