NewYorker is a European clothing store established in Northern Germany. This is a rebranding project concept that I created as I felt that the store was a trendy affordable chain it felt dated. 
The NewYorker was established in 1971 in a Northern German town Flensburg. Now today its one of the largest Fashion European companies located in 32 countries. Their target market and retail cost is similar to that of H&M. NewYorker sells a variety of clothing elements for men and women from jeans, sportswear, undergarments, and street wear that are all designed under the NewYorker label. The main headquarters where all fashion and design decisions are made come from Braunschweig, Germany. 
The inspiration for this project began with looking at German building structures before WWII. I felt the the linear and geometrical forms of the houses to be inspirational of something that could relate to urban city structure layouts. I also considered the phonetics of pronouncing the name NewYorker and chose to break it up into three sections. The font chosen tied in perfectly to the geometric and linear structure I wanted to appear in the branding as well as having a textile texture to it to reflect clothing.
The catalog for each season would highlight a European city and local photographer from that city. The cover and Editorial Layout would showcase this Photographers work of their hometown with people and culture. The articles would highlight special events, holidays, and traditions of the selected city during the season its been issued for. It would be away to also encourage traveling for the youth as well as get inspired by other cities fashion trends. This is a summer issue highlight of Helsinki, Finland.
To the left is the original and current NewYorker Logo with images of the store front and click here to see their website
Design & Printing Charlinda Brewster
Photography Robert Keskinen
University of Wisconsin Stout


Charlinda Brewster / T 612.205.4794 / / © 2020 Charlinda Brewster

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